[TV] The Doctor Who Thread

*screeeech!* Sorry, sorry. Dropped it.

Hellooooo Halforums! Who takes the Doctor Who thread, takes the forum! But...bad news everyone!

'Cause guess who?! HA!

You lot, you're all whizzing about, it's all really very distracting. Could you all just stand still a moment because I AM TALKING!!

Now, the question of the hour is, who's got a trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special? Answer: I do. Next question: who's going to watch the hell out of it on Christmas Day? Come oooon! Look at me! Christmas breakfast finished, no presents left to open, new toys done playing with...oh and something else. I don't have anything! else! to! do! (except maybe go to the gym right now).

So! If you're sitting there in your silly little office chair, with all your silly little porn, if you've got any plans on NOT watching this on Christmas Day, just remember who's standing in your way! Remember every damn pun I've ever told! And then! Aaaaand then! Do the smart thing...

Let somebody else try watching it before you.

Good luck with that.


This is where you explain how you are going to watch it the day before it premiers in Canada.
And here I thought you somehow got a trip to England and were secretly revealing it.

<reports Nick as an illegal down loader to Dean Wormer>
I'm so glad this is airing on bbc america. For once, I get to watch it without piracy.
sweet. i'm the first person to comment on it.

I really liked this ep. the end was a little OTT with the singing, but overall it was a pretty awesome episode.

. once thats been done theres no way i can hate this episode. gambon was awesome, and the story was a really clever variation on a christmas carol. and i love the way moffat writes dialogue, especially with matt smith.
"what kind of tie is that?" "a cool one"

highlights of the ep?
'we really need to go. i've just accidentally gotten engaged to marilyn monroe. shes booking a chapel
were you in the honeymoon suite? why are you dressed like that?
theres a shark in your bedroom

also, THAT TRAILER. god damnit i want season 6 now.
nazis! roswell greys! river song! ood! and he wears a stetson now. stetsons are cool.
Awesome episode. So very Christmasy from beginning to end. Smith is really winning me over more and more as I watch him. For me, he's surpassed Tennant.

And oh yes, that preview was also awesome. Monsters are real, indeed. Let's bring on the Neil Gaimen episode and, of course, a whole lotta explainin' about River Song.


Good episode, nice to finally have a christmas episode that didn't involve robots in some fashion.

The series 6 promo looked fantastic! Moar River Song, such a great character. Ood are always nice to see.


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I actually got most of my family to sit down and watch this with me, and they liked it a lot. I doubt my mom and sister would want to watch any of the more horror oriented episodes, they're very sensitive to stuff like that. So I don't think I've made Who fans of them, but it was a nice family moment for Christmas.
Heh. I had that a few years ago with my aunt and cousin. We all had to sleep in the living room and I was anxious to see the episode (The Next Doctor, I believe). They were okay with it and wound up enjoying it a lot.

If I wasn't worried my niece would be scared by the angels, I'd get her watching it, too.
What a great Christmas episode. The Doctor Who at the Proms was great as well,
"Matt Smith, what a dull name"

It was nice to see actual snow in the Christmas special.


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That episode was awesome and perfect Christmas episode with a touching, sad and still romantic story, but above all, this is episode was about something that is at the true heart of christmas:

Flying Sharks!

Also, I don't think that Santa Claus, Einstein, Sinatra and the doctor ever actually met, or otherwise the concentrated awesome would destroy the universe.


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*watches the Season 6 trailer*

*squees with glee*

*has a sad because the numbnuts at Finnish telly stations aren't going to show it anyway - or they'll dump it on some pay-per-view channel*


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*watches the Season 6 trailer*

*squees with glee*

*has a sad because the numbnuts at Finnish telly stations aren't going to show it anyway - or they'll dump it on some pay-per-view channel*
*hugs North Ranger*
I know your pain.
There's only one smiley that can properly do justice to this wonderful news: :hide:
I'm certainly not going to be looking for some rule 34 pond on pond action.

Not at all >.>
Came here after seeing it on the BBC feed just to say how much it sucks... DAMN YOU TOM BRAZELTON.
so. tonights ep.

holy shit. that was one hell of a season opener. i mean... DAMN.

so bloody much to go over.
future doctor. shot dead. regenerates. shot dead AGAIN. mission from future!doctor to everyone else, including present!doctor.
richard nixon!
mark sheppard!
fake tardis again! its the fake tardis from the room upstairs!
amy preggers!
sorry, i was going to mention something. i know it was important. i can't remember what it was.

*has seizure*

so uh... yeah. remember how previous episode openers were pretty light-hearted affairs? running around in hospitals, running around in hospitals on the moon etc etc... yeah. thats not happening this time

EDIT: the opening memoriam made me sad all over again :( RIP lis.