Secret Santa 2019 - now with more DoomWeasels!

‘Twas the month before Christmas and all through the lands, Halforumites were nervously wringing their hands.

@Tress had asked for a replacement this year, but no one expected this volunteer.
Yes, my children, I have volunteered to replace Tress as the Secret Santa coordinator this year. And I am hurt - HURT, I SAY - by the slanderous remarks that I'm doing this just to get everyone's addresses in order to better organize The Scampering. Now, let me just uncross my fingers here and we'll get down to business.

If you're experiencing déjà vu from the message below, that's because I lifted it directly from Tress' message last year. What's he gonna do - sue me? :rofl:
I have weasel lawyers.

What is it?
It's a Secret Santa between Halforumites. Everyone who signs up will be randomly assigned another participant. You are then tasked to buy that person a gift. As a recipient, you should leave a few hints in a post to this thread as to what sort of interests you have.

Rules and Info
To sign up, send me a PM with your email address, shipping address, and any gift rules/restrictions. Be sure to specify whether or not you would accept NSFW or "adult" gifts (such as alcohol/sex themed gifts). Also, please specify if you are unwilling/unable to ship internationally.

International people are allowed. If you would prefer not to get an international person, indicate so when you sign up. It may be the case that if you restrict your choice to local shipping then matching might not work out and you may be left out - I'll let you know once the matching is complete if that's the case. So far, we've always been able to match everyone that wanted to participate and meet their shipping requirements.

International Shipping Links: USPS, Customs Forms

Tips for shipping in and out of Canada

Remember to allow extra shipping time when shipping outside of your home country

Who can sign up?

To keep things fair, only those with a join date earlier than April 1, 2019 with more than a handful of posts will be allowed to participate (for obvious reasons). If you would like to participate and don't fall under the requirements, then you will just have to wait until next year. The final say of who can join this activity will be entirely up to Dave so there may be exceptions, but his final word is final. Don't complain if special dispensation is not made for you. This goes for those who may be dis-included as well.

The deadline for signing up will be November 30th. After that day, your Secret Santa will be randomly assigned by computer. You will be sent an email or PM shortly after with the information of whom you will be drawing a gift for.

Recommended gift value is $10 to $50. Feel free to spend as much as you want, just be aware that the more you spend, the less likely you will receive a gift of equal value. Also, homemade/handmade gifts are allowed, and even encouraged (no homemade food please).

Absolute final deadline for gifts sent is December 14th! People who do not send gifts by December 14th will be dipped in salmon oil and thrown into the weasel pit. No exceptions. If you are not certain you will be able to send a gift, then don't sign up.

Do not complain about your gift; conversely, try to send something you think the other person will like.

You must post pictures of your gift when you receive it or @Doomweasel minion will pay you a visit.

Unless specified as something they would like, please do not send NSFW or alcoholic gifts. Please note that many states/nations have rules about shipping alcohol, so when in doubt, choose another gift.

Can I ship something straight from Amazon or something?

Yes, you can, and it's a good idea to shop at your person's home country's Amazon site ( for instance) if you want to save a bit on shipping.

Ship well in advance!

Get your act together now and ship your stuff by Dec 14th to make sure it arrives before the crazy Christmas rush that always happens at the latter half of December.

As people sign up, I will post a list showing their names. When we move on to the next step, I'll be sure to update that too.

CURRENT LIST (updated 8:15pm 11/11):
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I'm in! With no amazon wishlist but I have amended last year's post about things I am cool with getting into the pm to the organisation.
Does "more doomweasels" mean we get a free Doomie in the Roomie with every shipment over €25?

I'm in, but I'll only be able to send a pm with my likes and wishlist etc next week when I'm on a desktop.


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I'm in. Alcohol and porny gifts are fine. I don't have a wishlist, but you guys always come up with good stuff anyway.
I'm in.
I will take any kind of gift. I have a wishlist, but will take anything, really :D
I have that exact model dashcam. I don't use parking mode so I can't speak to that (although I did install the hardwire kit just in case), but otherwise it's been great. Although if I were looking today, I would also strongly consider the Thinkware FA200. Similar performance from what I understand, but parking mode is better, at a competitive price point.
Every so often, I hit teh interwebz and see what the latest dashcams are being recommended. Maybe one day my wife will actually use my wish list to buy me some christmas :D
Also should point out (though it should be obvious to those who've done this before) that no alcohol/NSFW/pron gifts.
I feel compelled to say that, even though I have never gotten a NSFW gift, I'm totally ok with them. It'd probably be a real hoot.

Or, you know, if you just wanna send me private nudes of yourself, that'd work too ;)
For some reason, I can't edit my first message, so here is the list of who is in as of November 3rd:

Bubble181 (still need PM)
PatrThom (still need PM)
ThatNickGuy (still need PM)

A couple of information demands requests when you PM me:
  • A name (your name, my name, anyone's name), or at least a first initial/last name, as the post office might be cranky about delivering a package to your Halforumite name.
  • An email address, in case your Secret Santa wants to send you an electronic gift.
  • Specify yes/no on NSFW/liquor or you might end up with nipple clamps and a 6-pack of Milwaukees Best and no one wants that. Unless you do. I'm not here to judge.
  • Specify yes/no on shipping internationally.
OK, that's all. Go about your business and no, that rustling in the closet is not a doomweasel.
I'm in! I haven't been able to do it for years. I may not be able to run this, but I can definitely squeeze in some time to participate.
The participant list has been updated. If you don't see your name on the list, let me know ASAP.

I'm going to change the deadline to sign-up to Wednesday, November 27th, so I can get your Secret Santas to you on Thursday so you can take advantage of any Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales.

So far, there are only 15 people signed up to participate and I know there are more Halforumites than that. How do you expect me to enact The Scampering with so few victims?

Did I say that out loud? Nah...