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Oh, so that's Freebird. Somehow I've gone through life never hearing the full song (that I know of) and I only ever heard snippets of the instrumental part.
There was a certain demographic for whom Freebird was "Through the Fire and the Flames."


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I've been sick at home this week, and I got into playing Stranded Deep. It's very engaging but HELLA buggy... but they do like to make their joke references. Came up to an island with a rudimentary shelter built, with a weathered human skeleton inside... and next to him...

AEW is doing a big blitz for it's new game coming out this month and boy, it looks like everything I want out of a wrestling game. Fast, dumb and full of stupid gimmicks. It's a wrestling game right out of the late 90s early 2000s, when they were fast, dumb and fun.

On the plus side, it's probably a lot easier to find a copy of that than the new Warhammer novels, given Games Workshops' "we're only going to print 2000 copies of this book and let scalpers have their way" approach to their new releases.
GW books are best enjoyed off of Audiobook Bay.

The price they charge for their dime store bullshit pulpy (but enjoyable) novels is insane.
I fucking wish they still did the easy to buy mass market omnibuses.

They do this FOMO small print bullshit now.

On the topic of Fire Warrior, I showed my Tau playing friend that exact thing @li3n posted and he responded that the book was the best worst 40K novel ever and the main character is basically lionized as one of the greatest Tau warriors of all time officially.
I saw a comment today about how Starfield allows you to customize your ship, so naturally people are going to endeavor to build dick-shaped spacecraft. This, coupled with Tears of the Kingdom's well-memed building feature, means that two of the biggest and most hyped games of 2023 involve players trying to build penises ASAP.



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How Diablo 4 multiplayer works, apparently

person who originally posted this:
"Diablo 4 is essentially a mmo with everyone playing in the same field, and rather than using level minimums to restrict areas of the map until your character has a high enough level to not get wrecked, every enemy in the game scales to every player individually, so if a lvl 8 and lvl 45 player are fighting the same monster, that monster will have lvl 8 hit points and damage rolls for the lvl 8 player, while simultaneously having lvl 45 hit points and damage rolls for the lvl 45 player. And since the difficulty scales up significantly with increasing level, the effect is that the lvl 8 player does much more (proportional) damage and has a far easier time surviving against the same monster as a lvl 45 player. So it's not uncommon to be in a tough fight and be bailed out by a random player that has a fraction of your level count. It's.... a weird inversion, to say the least. "