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I don't want to be the petty correction guy, but that's Doom II
If you're going to go by technicalities: it's only compatible with GZDoom, which I'm guessing means it'll work with Doom, Doom II, and a variety of other mods, and possibly even total conversions. Isabelle in Chex Quest? Most likely.


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In case you guys didn't know, Doom Eternal is literally the easiest game ever to pirate... because Bethesda forgot to put the Denuvo-embedded executable in the launch version. So a DRM-free version of the game made it to the torrents almost immediately, no crack needed. They've since patched it, but the damage is done.

In case you guys didn't know

Fast forward a year or two from now when people are still insisting that DRM is an essential part of any AAA game release, and we can point back to this game and say, "This game had a zero-day DRM-free version available, and it still sold plenty of copies. Can we stop lying about how DRM is required now?"

I spend my time brutalizing demons, but to the tune of Broadway musicals and Dutch folk songs. Can I go for both?
The difficulty curve in Path of Exile is stupid.
My character can ROFLstomp every enemy I encounter in the game. Trash mobs, boss mobs, whatever. I can easily facetank everything I come across.
But then I get to an Act Boss or something and suddenly I'm kiting the room like it's my first day in the prison showers, an expression of panic on my face.
Where's the middle ground? Where's the part that gives me a taste of what's coming up and encourages me to build some kind of strategy? Why it gotta go straight from ankle-deep to waaay over my head so quickly?

New computer is all set up and running. I've tested the highest settings on Arkham Knight and Witcher 3. My old computer would be fighting to run them on medium settings. Here, they're on highest settings it's purring like a kitten.
You know I'd actually LIKE to give Nintendo money to play Sonic Advance 1-3+Battle on the 3DS and/or Switch, but APPARENTLY that's on the Wii U only so EMULATION time baby!

ALSO-I really, really, REALLY wish Nintendo didn't make it so you can only buy some games on the Switch, and only buy others on the 3DS/New 3DS. Why is the 3DS even a thing anymore, the Switch is fucking portable! The only reason to have two Nintendo systems now isn't that one's portable and one's not, its that you need BOTH systems in order to legally play all the games you want!