Nintendo Switch Thread

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I'm liking it. I also dont give a damn about national dex, exp share, etc. I'm all about new designs and fighting monsters with elemental weaknesses. Plus i just bought my avatar a cute pink hoodie.
I spent all of my starting money at the clothes store. Also after a horrendous bout of insomnia last night I already have two gym badges.

Oh wait, you want to NOT get it.

Well the digital version does currently have a bug that can wipe your SD card if you leave auto save on?
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Look, just play the one you didn't plan to play while your kids aren't home, then start a new game at Christmas. :p
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I got breeding going now so if anyone wants one of the starters let me know. That's all I've really done so far.
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Li'l Z got Pokemon Sword for Christmas, which really means WE got Pokemon Sword, and I've probably been playing WAY too much.

I get to the Legendary battle today; okay, gang's all lined up, but something's missing...

[pulls up karaoke version of Pokemon theme song on Youtube]

Oh, now there is it! Now it's EXCITING!

And by a funny coincidence, the song lasted exactly as long as the battle. Game Freak, why do I have to do your work for you?!