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If you've ever been to Denver Airport, you will understand why this shirt I got at Denver Pop Culture Con is the best shirt.



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Bad Horse (Bad Horse!)
Bad Horse (Bad Horse!)
He rides across the nation, the Thoroughbred of Sin...


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At the family reunion in Fort Worth again this year. It's a nice mild summer - only got up to 91. Beautiful day at the lake, yesterday.


There are 109 steps there. And they were easier to climb this year than they have been in a decade.


I didn't go swimming, though the water looked pretty good.
@GasBandit says "Come to Hotel Saskatoon next 10 minutes IF YOU WANT AN ASS KICKING!!!!!*"

*He's in Canada, so it'll be a friendly ass kicking.
I'd go, if only for the cooler weather, but that's too far (and my passport's out of date).