Is this where I say hi?

Welcome; come for the wackiness, stay for the....ehh.....wackiness, I guess. Perhaps we're a bit one-note :p
Also, try not to run over any owls you meet. Apparently it's an increasingly common problem in some regions where owls are starting to hover at low altitudes over the road, watching for rodents. It's a bad evolutionary move :p
Episodes I've been in (that I can remember)... 2x12 - policeman behind Sgt wu in the house when hank got beat up.. 2x13- top of stairs - - scene cut.
2x16? Hospital in episode of eye worms.. Just before the worms eat the girls eyes I was in the corridor waiting to go.. Scene cut :(
2x18 or 19 (forgot which).. Bar that had the bomb I'm one of the bartenders. One of my best scenes, I got to twirl around and not fall on the people paid to fall down lol! You can also hear me shout MOVE as I'm ushering people quickly outside.
3x1 (wound up in 3x3 I think).. Passenger on a train.. Out of frame :( )
3x 16?? When another grimm (the old guy, Sam Anderson... Very cool, nice man, was balki's boss on perfect strangers) came to town I was one of the nurse orderlies who helped him on the gurney. That episode was fun, the camera guy ran into our cart! Ouch!!
4x1 (barely visible in background) suspect at the precinct arguing with an older (60's) detective
And finally 4x14?(forgot episode number)... I THINK it will be played on March 20 but I'm behind in watching. No Internet where I'm staying. (edited to correct date)

I seriously want to make a voice reel (I need to buy a Microphone .. The one built into my laptop does no good for submissions) and make a demo reel. There's a bunch of voices I can do well.
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That ended so much better than I expected it to. She was good with most of it but really got bogged down when she had to do hand-to-hand transitions or any really complex moves. But she can sure spin/flip them well.
I had the sound muted, so I never noticed whether or not there was sound.
Just checked. No sound for me, either. I suppose you'll have to continue to add your own.