Games on SALE!

I've long resisted buying Borderlands, because, well, I like Diabloish gameplay and I like loot and all that ,but I'm not a huge shooter fan and I figured I'd heard or seen all the jokes by now....Bur 98% off makes it kind of hard to resists. Fine, I'll pay €5.88 for the three games and all their DLC. Sigh.
What a shock, the Steam sale metagame is a dumb mess. Exactly what I thought the immediate second I saw a page of dumb rules and instructions.



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Just got a game that is called ATOM RPG. It's like old-style Fallout but from a Russian perspective. So far it's pretty great although if you steal things when people are in the room they attack so I lost about an hour of progress. Save often, kids!
Well if my son's experience is any indication, Goat Simulator will occupy just 2-6hrs and then after that it will just be that thing you do while you're waiting for something else to finish.

Yuuuup... throw em en the backlog with the others.
Of the stuff on that list I've actually played, I enjoyed...

- 7 Days to Die
- Alan Wake's American Nightmare
- The Darkness 2
- Dead Space 1 and 2 (I'm jealous you have steam versions)
- Dishonored 2
- Goat simulator
- Metro 2033 (Don't play this version, get the Redux versions, they play better on modern systems)
- Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
- Oxygen Not included
- Slay the Spire (I'd start with this one!)
- Spec Ops: The Line
- Tomb Raider


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Steam is having a QuakeCon sale.

Noteworthy is that Fallout 4 is at a historical low price ($7.49 base game, $14.99 GOTY), and Fallout 3 GOTY and Fallout New Vegas GOTY are back at $5 for the first time in years.
If you're picking up Prey, the Mooncrash DLC adds a pretty high-quality roguelike mode for a few more dollars.

It's like 3 bucks on Steam right now. It has it's issues, but it sounds like licensing stuff means it's going away for a looooong time.


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And there's even more now. Some of the added games include series like: Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Just Cause, Two Point Hospital, and Sonic the Hedgehog (and other Sega games).