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Is is a porn couch? I was hoping it wasn't a porn couch but your answer seems to suggest my instinct was right.

It's a porn couch.
It's the most famous and well known porn couch, the "Backroom Casting Couch." The plot of these videos is that women show up to "Job Interviews" only to "learn" that the job is actually porn, but they are gonna make some kind of outrageous amount like $2000-$5000 a week... but they gotta audition right then, right there, on that couch, on camera. There's a lot of "I didn't want to get into porn, but... I really need this paycheck" going on in the dialog of these videos.

Hence... Day 33 of the government shutdown...
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How many Arizona State students work for the federal government?
Well, I think Sinema is an ASU grad. I think McSally is a UofAhole, though...

EDIT: Oh. Sinema's a BYU grad. Funny thing is, four years at BYU got her out of the LDS.

DOUBLE EDIT: Hm. McSally was an AFA grad - which doesn't surprise me, now that I think about it.
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The Secret Service distributed Challenge Coins to agents during the shutdown.

If you look carefully around the outer edge, there are pacifiers.
Damn. I'd be firing everybody involved, even if this was done completely on their own free time with their own money. That is some seriously unprofessional belligerence.

Yes, I'd be a tyrant if Putin installed me as your President.
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Neat. So when can we get a national challenge coin for surviving the Trump presidency?
I would say once his picture graces our coinage, but I think immortalizing him that way would be malapropos.
let's put him on the dollar coin.
As I just alluded, there is at least one important prerequisite to that, one I can't wholeheartedly say I'm against, but I believe his legacy should never be honored in this way.

...unless maybe it's on a $3 bill?

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Read that quote aloud to my wife, she replied: "9/10 times that means, 'We've never experienced so much pushback on our bullshit.'"

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I might be a little out of the loop. I know about the whole trump thing, and people getting subpoenaed and stuff.. but what?
During a press briefing, National Security Advisor John Bolton conspicuously held up a yellow notepad that said "5,000 troops to Colombia"