Funny (political, religious) pictures

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I see what you did there.

fell out of the workforce between 2008 and 2009
And me here assuming we where talking about the whole of Obama's "recovery".

Also, if you look at the chart you posted, most of the fall is post 2009...[DOUBLEPOST=1517661055,1517661010][/DOUBLEPOST]
Why is this in the religious thread?

Why is it in the "pictures" thread is a better question.
I'm not sure how to look at the backlog.

EDIT: Never mind, got it. Good conversation. I would add that at least of the incels are men who, had they been born decades earlier, would be your typical abusive boyfriend/husband, but times have changed.
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An incel is basically me except turned up to one hundred and eleven.
But in all seriousness, an incel is really not basically you. You are capable of interacting with women without (theoretically) acting creepy in their presence.