Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again


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  1. Jesus is packing.
  2. Thanks, dad!
  3. Holy shit isn't that supposed to be his mom holding him? Ew!
I mean, considering his other leg has the same exact shading, "the collective internet" doesn't set a high bar for confusion. But this IS the funny pictures thread, so...


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I don't know. I'm not a chaps kind of chap. Which really chaps me.


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Don't chaps have to be assless in order to be chaps?
I think the term is kinda like naan bread, chai tea, haricot beans, etc. Technically the term is redundant, but when you say "assless chaps" it generally specifies chaps as fetishwear, rather than a practical application.
Not to fat-shame you Pikachu, but if you're looking to lose weight maybe...stop eating people?

Oh sure, creatures whose m.o. are to lure sailors to their deaths, but the nipple clamps are shocking?