Energy - Fossil, Renewable, Nuclear

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A windmill with only one blade would not spin, as Patrick said, I meant per blade.
I mean, mono-bladed turbines do exist, but then we're back to that efficiency argument again.
The MUST HAVE MORE POWAH people can try to increase output by building turbines/engines bigger and bigger if they want to, but atoms stay the same (relative) size, so physics dictates that once you exceed a certain volume/mass, your power output scaling can't keep up with the ever-increasing chance for materials failure.

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On this topic, given recent "news" that claims 52 Trillion in subsidies for Oil in 2017, I'm glad people have better responses than I:

Short answer for those unwilling to click through to a "denier" site: the original article counts writing down business expenses as "subsidies." And a number of other things that all businesses in all industries do so that 100% of their revenue isn't considered income and/or profit. Good links there, including to EIA, which some others on here linked themselves for energy mix numbers.