Coronavirus Thread

Hey cool my boss just sent me a text and email saying that I'll work next week and gave me a letter declaring me an essential worker since some counties around here have a shelter in place order.

I work in a cafeteria for a bank.
Soap does indeed kill the coronavirus. "Coronaviruses are encased in a lipid envelope -- basically, a layer of fat. Soap can break that fat apart and make the virus unable to infect you." That's one of the reasons why hand washing is recommended above hand sanitizer.

You still want to wash off the soap, because you'll be removing even more of the virus that the soap didn't kill, and leaving soap on your hands just helps more dirt collect, and I'm not sure if soap kills coronavirus in absence of water. Also, washing off the soap will get other pathogens off your hands.
Stupid virus, making me look bad with it's damn fatty shell.

But yeah, i totally missed that.
Since soap attracts and holds lipids, I would think leaving your hands coated with soap would make it more likely you would accumulate things you ultimately did not want touching you.

So. I did the prudent thing this morning and did my grocery shopping via Fry's online shopping site. Besides the "no duh" stuff about toilet paper and tissue being out of stock, there were a few other things that were quizzical (soap, for example; I cheated and ordered dish washing liquid).

I got all the way through and it was going to be an "ouch" on the wallet because of the sheer quantity - which I don't anticipate I'll get the whole thing, anyways. Then I got to the part about "choose a time to pick up your order."

Today wasn't available.

Tomorrow wasn't available.

Saturday wasn't available.

The earliest pickup time was between noon and 1 PM on Sunday.

That's roughly 75-76 hours after I placed the order.
That's not too bad. The only delivery we could get around here, or that didn't cancel on us twice, fuck you Walmart, was Costco. I think we ordered last Wednesday night and got our delivery Tuesday.
The two commissaries that are closest to us have such a confusing schedule now that I've decided not to even bother. The Don Quijote store near us is still open until midnight. They have a lot of things that the commissary ran out of two weeks ago and hardly anyone in the store at like 8pm.
Sounds like he thought he was immune as long as he followed the righteous path, so to speak.
Oh irony. Is there anything you can't do?
He posted one of those stupid Swine Flu info graphs. I hate people that bring up the Swine Flu and how chill we were with it, because they never have any idea what they are talking about. Swine Flu was listed as a pandemic back in 2009 because of it's heavy spread, but it's actual fatality rate, even in older people, was actually very low, like a fraction of a percent. The fact we only lost a bit over 10,000 people with millions infected shows how weak it was.

The coronavirus is nothing like that. It's more difficult to treat, for one thing, as it's new. Even Swine Flu had some treatments since the type of strain has been around for over 100 years. The coronavirus also spreads heavily, and since you may not show symptoms for over a week, it's extremely easy to spread without even realizing it. Finally the fact that is more lethal then swine flu, with a 2-3% fatality rate with some areas (Italy) reaching as high as 10%. The Spanish flu had a 2-10% fatality rate, and it killed 50 MILLION people, over half a million in the US alone.

People need to stop comparing Corona and Swine Flu like it's the same bloody thing.
9 dead, 509 total cases in AZ.

...if MPS calls and tells me to come back to work after Easter, I honestly think I will be telling them to stuff it.
Follow up to my previous post (after that happy interlude from @bhamv3) - I have messaged my PCP (aka "my doctor") as to whether or not I should consider not returning to work if they order us back before, say, the middle of May.
House members rushing back to DC to vote on the COVID-19 bill because they can't trust the GOP not to fuck things up.
how I feel when people won't socially distance.
I don't think I've noticed this here before, so...

Tongue-in-cheek: It's not so much social distancing, as it is physical distancing. Why do they call it SOCIAL DISTANCING?

Because that is an insidious anagram for SOCIALIST DANCING./Tongue-in-cheek.

If that one has been here before, my apologies.


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Went to the store today... Still no TP in sight!
We found a pack at a local store. Limit one but that's all we needed. We also have friends who reached out & told us they have extra and were willing to share.
We ordered online from Walmart and it shipped yesterday. That might be worth a try?
Hmm, maybe I’ll try that. Thanks for the tip.

We found a pack at a local store. Limit one but that's all we needed. We also have friends who reached out & told us they have extra and were willing to share.
Haven’t seen a single roll at a store anywhere in weeks.