Bring out Gifs!


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I kept waiting for the eyes on the girl on the right to bug out like Roger Rabbit. Her reaction is so cartoony.
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it looks like she passes out at the 8 second mark.

It would definitely suck to wake up and for a split second have no idea what's going on, other than you're falling at terminal velocity.


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I need to find a place that does this, and then take a date there. Because I have a feeling this would be a god damn slam dunk, flirtatiously speaking.



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I've been notified that, for the second time, I am in the top 1000 viewed accounts at Gfycat.


Currently, across all my gifs, I have about 72,000 views. Which really mystifies me, as I registered this account solely to host the videos/gifs to be used in Halforums House 4, and that's pretty much the only thing on the account. But for some reason, some of those are getting THOUSANDS of views. I have no idea why.

Here's the top 16 or so (all the ones over 1k views):

Terrik pleading for his dog to return as a ghost: 6.8k views

Null peeing in a bush: 5.8k

Squidley passing out at work from exhaustion: 3.2k

Kags in a bikini (finally something making sense about getting views) hugging Drawn Inward: 3.2k

Sparhawk using the rock climbing wall: 2.4k

Li Jun (Terrik's wife) cooking: 2.4k

Snuffleupagus practicing bartending: 1.6k

HCGLNS pouring his first drink and gaining the mixology skill: 1.6k

Kags ordering food from a vendor stall on vacation: 1.5k

Terrik throwing out his back trying to show off his dance moves: 1.4k

Celt Z ravishing GasBandit in a closet: 1.3k (only??)

Emrys learning to roller skate: 1.3k

GasBandit swearing at a garbage can: 1.2k

Celt Z playing on the waterslide: 1.2k

Sara_2814 using her backyard observatory: 1.1k

Bhamv yelling at Sparhawk over breakfast: 1k

Apart from a few obvious examples, I have no idea why these are getting so many views.
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Bizarre. On the otherhand, you'd think your impressive lung capacity in the hot tub would have gotten more attention. Don't quit your Sim-day-job for Sim-porn-star yet!