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This post would be better if it could be tagged NSFW.


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I kept waiting for the eyes on the girl on the right to bug out like Roger Rabbit. Her reaction is so cartoony.
it looks like she passes out at the 8 second mark.

It would definitely suck to wake up and for a split second have no idea what's going on, other than you're falling at terminal velocity.


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I need to find a place that does this, and then take a date there. Because I have a feeling this would be a god damn slam dunk, flirtatiously speaking.

I just wish there was sound!

Also I wish I had as much confidence in ANYTHING as that girl on the left has in her strapless top.
I've actually seen a version with sound over on 9gag, but I doubt I'll be able to find out again


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I've been notified that, for the second time, I am in the top 1000 viewed accounts at Gfycat.


Currently, across all my gifs, I have about 72,000 views. Which really mystifies me, as I registered this account solely to host the videos/gifs to be used in Halforums House 4, and that's pretty much the only thing on the account. But for some reason, some of those are getting THOUSANDS of views. I have no idea why.

Here's the top 16 or so (all the ones over 1k views):

Terrik pleading for his dog to return as a ghost: 6.8k views

Null peeing in a bush: 5.8k

Squidley passing out at work from exhaustion: 3.2k

Kags in a bikini (finally something making sense about getting views) hugging Drawn Inward: 3.2k

Sparhawk using the rock climbing wall: 2.4k

Li Jun (Terrik's wife) cooking: 2.4k

Snuffleupagus practicing bartending: 1.6k

HCGLNS pouring his first drink and gaining the mixology skill: 1.6k

Kags ordering food from a vendor stall on vacation: 1.5k

Terrik throwing out his back trying to show off his dance moves: 1.4k

Celt Z ravishing GasBandit in a closet: 1.3k (only??)

Emrys learning to roller skate: 1.3k

GasBandit swearing at a garbage can: 1.2k

Celt Z playing on the waterslide: 1.2k

Sara_2814 using her backyard observatory: 1.1k

Bhamv yelling at Sparhawk over breakfast: 1k

Apart from a few obvious examples, I have no idea why these are getting so many views.
Bizarre. On the otherhand, you'd think your impressive lung capacity in the hot tub would have gotten more attention. Don't quit your Sim-day-job for Sim-porn-star yet!


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I think this is the highest quality version of this I've seen. and it even has sound.