Bring out Gifs!



But... funny and unfunny have those. :(
I just wanted a thread purely of gifs...and not have to risk being scarred for life going in the unfunny.
I predict this thread will be owned by Adammon. In fact, I'm surprised no one has compiled all his gifs and pics into one thread, yet.


Well if you'd rather get the gifs posted there in HERE...

You have been warned.


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I will not look. Ihave learned my lesson.
It's really horrifying. Trust me. Do NOT look. Whatever you do, for the love of all that is holy do NOT look. I mean it. Don't.
How I feel when I try hard to post the good pics but don't get any likes.



And that's how memes are born!
That's good but more of a "perpetual staring into the oblivion" and progressively feel like you're dying inside with your face feeling it.

As if you're watching something cherished from your childhood but watching it getting raped right in front of your eyes. turtles in space