[TV] Winter HAS COME! - A Game of Thrones

Now if he'd only come out with the next gorram frakkkin book!!
Wikipedia says:

At the New York Comic Con on October 10, 2010, Spectra senior editor Anne Groell announced that Martin had only five chapters remaining to finish, with sections of the chapters already completed. She stated her desire to have the manuscript completed by December. In a December 2010 interview with Bear Swarm, Martin stated that he almost has A Dance With Dragons completed.

That means nothing, if you actually read his blog, you can see the horror that is him trying to get through this book. ;) Though I do think he IS actually almost done now, *wishful thinking* Martin got really really sick in December, which held up things alot as well.
The worst thing about this wait is that isn't even the final book. We have even more waiting after this waiting is finished. I wonder how long the gap will be this time, 10 years?


why are there 5 different covers that (in my opinion) suck.


I can still be all put in my place!

TY Baer for this information that makes my gripe just plain stupid, but I feel the covers still need more dragons. And fire. And ice. And boobs.
I agree with all of those things. I'd like to see a cover that's worthy of being airbrushed on the side of a van.
Per Martin's blog:
Two more [short] chapters done. More to come.

Kong grows bigger and bigger. Past 1600 pp in manuscript now. Oy.

Certainly the biggest monkey ever to climb on my back.
Why do I feel I may need a forklift to carry this book?
That looks pretty good so far. A little quick-cut happy in the beginning (if I hadn't read the book, I might not have known what was going on), but overall, really looking forward to this.
I just started reading Game of Thrones the other day. I'm not even past the sample Amazon gave my Kindle, but I'm enjoying it so far. I didn't even realize it was being made into a mini-series. I'll have to watch that youtube clip once I'm a little farther in, and actually figure out what it's going to be about.

Wasabi Poptart

I can't wait to see the series (I don't have HBO :( ) or the new book!​
My Husband was all about getting HBO for this then found out it was $20 more and changed his mind. So sad.