Whats for Dinner?

Been so busy with this move and all of the job stress that I haven't really cooked in a while.

Tonight's dinner: Moroccan style chicken, lentils and tomatoes
Using up the last of my Wagyu beef while the ladies are out of town.
Soup with wagyu, shiitaki, noodles, dashi, shoyu and onions.

Added about 2 cups of dashi to a pot, brought to a boil. Added green onions (whites sliced on the bias, green ends chopped fine) and shiitaki. Let cook a minute or two. Added some rice noodles I had in the cabinet, along with the wagyu. Added some shoyu and a big pinch of salt. Let cook until the noodles were soft.

Between the wagyu and the shiitaki, this dish is so full of umami. It's not any kind of authentic Japanese that I'm aware of, since I just threw it together, but it's pretty freaking amazing.
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I had lamb tikka masala. I told them to make sure it was actual spicy not just white guy spicy. It had a very pleasant burn that persisted after I was done eating.

I'll probably regret it in the morning but for now it was well worth it.

(I stop eating at 3 pm so I consider a big lunch to be my dinner.)
I had lamb tikka masala. I told them to make sure it was actual spicy not just white guy spicy.
I try not to say that because I find saying stuff like “white person spicy” or “indian spicy” to be kind of an weird and uncomfortable but my god unless you literally say those phrases they won’t listen when you tell them you want your food spicy.

That being said, if you want spicier Indian food, have you tried Vindaloo? Definitely a different flavor than Tikka Masala but I’d bet you’d like it
The Vietnamese place near K div headquarters I sorely miss was the same way. I loved their spicy fried rice but the owner would always razz me about not wanting white boy spicy. I need to drive up there and see how they are.
When I lived in Houston, I'd go to a place called "Thai Cafe" (now closed), and they always asked me if I wanted it Thai spicy or American spicy, and I'd tell them "Thai spicy is for women and children". Which usually annoyed them enough that they'd get it exactly as spiced as I wanted.

As for my dinners: I'm in DFW for the week. I've been doing Door Dash every day.
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I've been eating ice cream and anything that doesn't require any more effort than a microwave. On account of the apocalypse happening outside.
Made skirt steak using the recent ATK method. It's fucking delicious. The dressing is also killer. Mine isn't as perfect as theirs but my grill is also old and also probably unsafe to use.

I'm a big fan of ATK. I spent a month once cooking only stuff from their cookbook.