[Comics] What Manga are you reading?

If you never plan to read the Domestic Girlfriend manga, then just watch this video to watch the trashfire that the ending became.



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If you don't mind bandwagoners, and like Komi-san, Tomo-Chan, and... uh... Fire Force, I guess... then maybe you could check out "Hitomi-Chan is Shy with Strangers."
And I run across another blatant chinese ripoff. This time they almost carbon copied the Korean hit Manwah Solo Leveling. The title? The Blade of Evolution - Walking Alone in the Dungeon.
Weak hero gets killed in a Dungeon and then gets ressurected? Check
Gains a OP evolving power? Check
Only Hunters can enter the Dungeons via portals that spawn in random places? FUCKING CHECK!

The decades of chinese communism must have beaten out any kind of inspiration those poor people have.
They may be one of the richest nations on the earth (well, the communist party at least), but the poorest in the arts.
In comparison India has Bollywood, Nigeria has Nollywood and China? A ripoff Disneyland and artists that steal from others passing it of as their own,
knowing full well that their breatheren probably dont have the means or the knowledge to know that what they have is but a pale and cheap imitation.
After reading this week's Kaguya chapter, I just have to once again gush about how wholesome and wonderful it is, and how I love how often it makes me cry happy tears.