[Comics] What Manga are you reading?


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I've been trying to read the Goblin Slayer manga, but like most action-heavy manga, I find the action sequences to be too hard to follow because of the stylization. It's just pretty much standard, to me, for manga artists to never convey action in a way that my brain interprets anything other than wiggly smudges.



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TIL Manga action scenes are like Captcha for Gasbandit's Robot Brain
I mean SOME of it is ok. I'm fine with the action sequences in Dungeon Meshi, for example. And I find most Manhwa easier because of their overemphasis on whitespace instead of shitty "action shading." But so very much manga is just awful when it comes to depicting action. It's like the manga-ka is trying to convey the speed and force by literally drawing/inking faster and more wildly, and it just ends up looking like twisty scribbles to me.


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Mangadex is having some serious issues lately. Apparently they've been under DDOS and it's put them over their limit on cloudflare.
After watching Gigguk's video about Domestic Girlfriend I started binge reading the manga, and I haven't gotten to the chapter that everyone is crying about on Reddit, so I don't know what's going to happen yet, but so far this is pretty wholesome for the amount of boobs they like to draw. I'm actually enjoying it a lot.
So the Japanese have their Isekai, the Chinese love rebirth stories, and the Koreans have their "living with gamer skills!". I do like reading all of them though.
Walked into 2nd & Charles because my daughter was looking for a specific book to buy for her teacher as a gift. Then we also walked out with this.

As a follow up to this, my daughter descended into full weebhood a little over a year ago, and this is what has happened to our living room shelf since. (This is everyone's stuff, she dragged us all down with her, we never really read manga/light novels before this year)

Soredomo Ayamu wa Yosetekuru (Even So, Ayumu Draws Closer to the Endgame).

Ayumu loves his senpai in the Shogi Club, Urushi. But he's vowed not to confess until he finally beats her at shogi.

By the same mangaka as Takagi-san. Which means it's totally freaking adorable.
After getting into Manwhas (Tower of God, Weakest Hero, The Gamer) i thought I give the Chinese a shot. But its bad. Really bad. They all have more or less the same plot. Guy gets reincarnated and uses his knowledge to rise again. Ok,the Japanese do this too,but the Chinese just dont know how to create an interesting plot. In almost all comics its that some rich noble covets what MC has, noble gets his ass whopped,cries and then calls someone above him.
That guy then gets destroyed and he calls someone above him. It is just so repetitive.
There are chinese comics with almost 300 chapters and it is just all the same concept,with the same circle of revenge. They just plagirize each others stories.