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This year's summer event in KF2 is steampunk themed. Here's a sweet shot of my prestige eviscerator skin as I finish off the last boss to complete the event. Note I'm wearing my cyberpunk outfit from the spring event, and the halloween clot backpack from last halloween's event.

But now it's time for a fashion upgrade! My reward was an M99 precious skin (which as a berserker is not all that useful to me), a steampunk outfit, and a steampunk clot backpack!

If only that little dude's gun was more than decoration. It'd kinda be neat to have a gunner on my back.

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Finished a runthrough of Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

I noticed myself doing a thing in this playthrough. If you didn't know, AC: Brotherhood introduced an assassin recruiting mechanic, where you can help random citizens and recruit them into your organization, and you can call on them for help in fights. This mechanic was continued and expanded in Revelations, where in addition to calling on your assassins in battle, you can actually post them to distant cities and have them take on missions there. This means that instead of only being able to recruit 12 assassins, like in Brotherhood, you can actually recruit over a hundred in Revelations.

Now, I only recruited female assassins, because of course I would. Unfortunately, the game only has a limited number of names it can give to your assassins, and after a while the names will start to repeat. Also, they can't be renamed. When I noticed certain names starting to show up again, I found it quite distracting and immersion-breaking. For example, I already have an assassin named Beatrice Simoni, she's a high-level assassin who I assigned to be the master of one of my assassin towers. I even did quests for her and with her. To see another assassin named Beatrice Simoni be recruited into my Amazon brigade felt really weird.

So what I ended up doing was that whenever I saw a new assassin had a name I recognized, then I would send out all my other assassins out on assignments, leaving only the new recruit as the sole assassin that can be summoned in battle. Then I'd head to a location on the map where a bunch of Janissaries (elite high-level mooks) would spawn, and I'd send my newbie assassin out to fight them. Inevitably my new recruit would be gangrushed by seven Janissaries and would be killed in short order, thus freeing up her spot in my assassin roster. And then I'd head out to find another citizen to help, hopefully she'll have a name I won't recognize.


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Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel

The comedic plot summary video I watched on YouTube described this game as being the video game equivalent of blue rarity loot. It's serviceable, and even good in some respects, but it's just not as exciting as purple or legendary gear. I agree with that completely.

The Good:
- The story is pretty good, and there's some great voice acting (and also some awful voice acting). I was playing as Jack's body double, and I really liked that he had more of a voice in the story than I remember Vault Hunters having in BL2.
- The combat is decent. Not really amazing, since it doesn't have the enemy variety that BL2 does, but freezing enemies and shattering them is fun.
- Good quality loot seems to drop more regularly than in BL2, though it usually feels more like you need it, so...

The Meh:
- The moon location didn't do anything for me. Low gravity, oxygen mechanics, boosting and other stuff never really felt good, or particularly bad. Most of the time it just didn't matter a whole bunch. Boosting felt more like a necessity to get places (because of map size, see below), than it did a useful combat technique. Oxygen rarely mattered, especially in combat. And low gravity was as often an annoyance as it was fun.
- Some plot points made absolutely no sense, but the technology in Borderlands has always been very hand-wavy, so I'm inclined to just ignore because the character moments caused by that nonsense were pretty damn great.

The Bad:
- Player character voice lines play far too much during combat. Just shut up. I like most of the Doppelganger class's lines, but I don't need to hear "If you see this face, RUN!" a half-dozen times whenever I use my combat skill. (And I don't need to hear "You don't know my name. Yeah, we did it, folks, we did it" ever again.)
- Maps are fucking huge, usually for no good reason, and it just keeps getting worse and worse as the game goes on.
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Thé silly YouTube game that the kids had me start has a lot of ads in it. I thought I was stronger, but I do love me some Final Fantasy and I saw an ad for a free game that looked like a FFxCiv game and I got it for my trip.

I have NFC what I’m really doing, but it’s fun and I’m building a little empire.
Do any of you only Final Fantasy A new empire on mobile? I seriously have no idea what I’m doing and our clan of 100 is so not active. Just me and one dude helping each other out, but no one else.