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Lemme think...I've seen...

- Frozen
- Tangled
- Toy Story
- Monsters Inc.
- Pirates of the Caribean
- Hercules
- Big Hero Six

... just from the trailers, plus the new world for Xehanort. Add in Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden for Final Fantasy, plus Twilight Town. That's ten, without the expected Halloween Town.
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I know there's a Ratatouille level too. At least, the existence of one popped up a lot as an innane trivia question.
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sorry I meant 30 minute oneshot. You can play it for 30 minutes or until you die in this 30 minutes and that's it. No retry.
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It *looks* neat, but it takes more than 2 seconds to get up from the chair, and therefore I find it too burdensome for my short attention span.