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It's almost like the guy had never heard the song. He was always a beat or two slow and his delivery was clipped like you could tell he was reading more than singing.
Oh he knew the song.. the problem was, this cover of "I will Survive," the Cake cover, was done by an artist with a tendency to speak-sing and do funky improvisational meter in his lyrics. And that makes it hard for two people to sing it at the same time, because everybody hits those beats somewhere different. And because the two parts are recorded separately, my recording couldn't adjust to him on the fly like I would in person. You can hear him lament this too, when he's talking about how this song's vocalist is "all over the place." He's not talking about me, he means John McCrea. If anything, I think his delivery was probably more accurate to the source than mine, because I just tried to do what I was comfortable with, and I think he was trying to emulate McCrea as closely as he could.



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I know which version it was. The music made it obvious. But it was still rather typical karaoke.

And I'm not sending dispersions your way. I've done a LOT of karaoke gigs so I'm really jaded and cynical when it comes to this sort of thing.
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I remember the first time I saw the video, and I thought it was a stupid cover and they were a stupid group for ruining the song.
Then I learned what they were like, and realized it was a deliberate “take” on the song, and I learned to appreciate it.