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The whole USA-Iran started over again when Trump unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear accord. Tensions have been escalating ever since, and this move *will* lead to war and hundreds if not thousands of deaths - including American ones. And yet, Republicans will still claim it's all Iranian provocation and American defense protecting your own interests.
I'm very far from a fan of Iran - the brother of someone I studied with was detained and sentenced to death in Iran! But this whole thing was avoidable. Iran was slowly modernizing, secular and more moderate forces were gaining ground every election.
A) This is all a diversion from the impeachment
B) War usually helps get re-elected
C) This should bloody well BE another impeachable offense. Killing a high-ranking official from another nation IS an act of war; unlike killing a terrorist. If any other country had killed someone of similar stature on your end, the bombardment would already have started. Retaliation will be bloody and inescapable.
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Somewhere there's an alternative universe where Fred Jr. survived and Donald was the one who drank himself to death instead.
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His dad's about to go to war with Iran, so why not have anti-ME/muslim imagery front and center.
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I thought Bakker was still behind bars?

My first reaction to that statement is, "Yeah, if you actually follow him, you're not 'saved'."
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It's only a matter of time before the SPLC declares Evangelicalism as a hate group. To which I say, "what took you so long?"
While they wouldn't be wrong to do so, that would make it so easy to say they're just an anti-Christian organization.
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Cool! Now brown skinned funny named American citizens are getting their DNA seized at the border. One more goose step!