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Today I learned, during the course of my translation editing, that there's a type of clam called a geoduck. I thought it was a type of pokemon at first.
Now for the real shock: it's not pronounced like you probably think. More like "gooey-duck". The beginning is NOT pronounced like the beginning of "geography" or "geo-cache"
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TIL that gaming mice actually make a difference.

I always kind of pooh-poohed fancy schmancy gaming mice. I stuck with my standard logitech mice, because I liked the shape, and it's a brand I've been using for somewhere around 20 years. I've been playing Minesweeper for about that long, too. And 179 seconds was my best time for clearing the "Advanced" board. For years and years. I figured it was simply impossible (for me) to do better.

So, I got a Razer mouse a few months ago. It's not as ergonomically shaped as my Logitech, but it has "ultra glide feet" or somesuch. Which leads me to:

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Laugh all you want. I don't play shooter/twitch games. This is the best I got :p

I'm just surprised that a mouse could make so much difference.

If I knew I was going to be breaking my record, I might not have stopped in the middle for that bite of sandwich. :D
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TIL that when it comes to Youtube cooking channels, if someone dares to make paella there will undoubtedly be dozens of comments letting them know that what they made isn't paella, as though there was only one single way to make paella and that commenter's grandma was the only person on Earth that knew how to do it properly.

Holy shit, there's literally a section on Wikipedia dedicated to people whining about something being or not being paella.


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I'm gonna stand medium rare and wipe away the remnants of the Little Caesar's I ate because I'm not a snob.
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TIL I’ve had Rh factor compatibility backwards my entire life. I have no idea how, either, since it’s a subject I actually studied! BLTN, I guess.

Even more annoying is the fact that I KNOW this isn’t the only time we’ve discussed this here (on mobile so not gonna search it), and it apparently still didn’t stick.

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