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Now this looks good. Reminds me of the old JL/JLU AU. Probably because most of the voice actors are the same, and of course, it's a Bruce Timm joint.

Bruce Timm kinda lost me after Batman and Harley Quinn, which was pretty shitty outside of the bar scene.


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Hey I'M not the one that started the Tolkien jokes. I am just better at it than you.
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I cannot believe I'm excited for a live action Pokemon movie, but god dammit am I excited for a live action Pokemon movie.
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I'll be honest, I have zero interest in watching this movie, but I am really enjoying how they're bringing the various Pokemon to life. I mean, Ludicolo and Aipom were nightmare-inducing.

Spotting references in the background is also kinda fun, like the Palkia and Dialga statues.

And if I'm being honest I fanboyed pretty hard at Mewtwo's entrance.

Ok, fine, I'll watch this movie.
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Okay, WHAT is up with Jennifer Lawrence's $2 wig? It's like they said, "Hey, look, these guys are going to be rebooted in the MCU, like, tomorrow. We're not going to try anymore kthxbye.-Fox".

I'll admit, I am curious, mainly because while much of Jean Grey's characterization over the years annoyed me (and the book @GasBandit sent me, The Refrigerator Monologues, addresses this quite well), one thing I've always liked about her was the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix persona. I kinda like what I see so far, but it doesn't have me jumping out of my seat.
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Ok, so, wait, wait... I have one question then, re: Dark Phoenix

We established that the current cast becomes the 2000's cast at some point, especially during Days of Futures Past, and wiped out X3, but kept X-Men and X2 canon. So how does that work if Mystique is now dead? Or are we just doing the traditional X-Men "alternate timeline" hand-wave? Because they went through a lot of trouble to make sure the past 3 movies lined up with the characters/timelines of the 2000's X-Men movies.
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You know, right after I wrote the previous post, the OTHER obvious answer came to me:

But they really wouldn't do that to her TWICE, would they?

...Guys, would they?


Look, just get the poor X-Men into the MCU already.
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