The legit best thing to do in the world is get fucked up and watch Monster Factory videos, which are objectively the funniest things in the world (most of the time, there's some stinkers).

This conclusion may or may not have anything to do with my increased drug use over the last month.
My wife and I appear to have different definitions for when we "need" to buy something and when we "want" to buy something.

For example, we were recently down at the computer store to buy a new printer, which was something we needed. While we were there, we passed the webcam aisle, and she decided she "needed" a new webcam for her semi-regular video chats with her hot female friends from grad school. Her reasoning was that our old webcam, while functional, was only producing a grainy and washed-out image now, which would make her friends less inclined to video chat with her. Therefore, to her, she "needed" that webcam.

Whereas I "wanted" to get that new webcam because I also want her to chat with her hot female grad school friends more often. They really are quite hot.
So, what with the global pandemic and all, my worship committee has officially made the call to have all Christmas Eve services 100% on-line this year.

I have worked (in some capacity, even if only as a musical soloist) on Dec. 24 for over a decade. This year, I will have it off.

I am already planning on getting so very very drunk.

(I am also currently waiting on the first of my two services to finish downloading so I can get it up and scheduled on YouTube. So I am already half done for that day.)

It's so freaking weird. And it's awesome!
According to wikipedia, the right fielder was not named in the original sketch, but was later given the unusual name of "Nobody." That baseball team certainly had an odd group of names.
Ignoring how I feel about my mother right now, and the hypocracy of Republicans regarding social security....

My mom managed to get approved for disability retirement finally, due to her chronic back and hip problems, along with chronic pain. (She's 60 and has been dealing with these issues for at least the last 20+ years) What irritates me about it is that I'm pretty sure it only happened so easily because they had to do the hearings remotely, so the judge only got to see my mom's extensive medical records, and she didn't have to walk in to the court room looking like a fairly normal person.