The Generations Thread

I watched this without sound, and I can’t decide if it reminds me more of Teen Titans: GO! or The Smurfs.

First review of Legacy Blitzwing is out and of course people are up in arms complaining about all sorts of things.

For my parts I wait until I see more reviews are up later the year when the toy is actually released. But so far I like what I see.
Transformers Kingdom Blaster

Such a simple but effectiv transformation. Basicially the G1 figure with updated engineering.



I really like this little detail and non Transformers reverence. Ever wonder how loud Blaster can go? He goes up to 11:
I haven't collected Transformers since I gave my collection to some kids 20 years ago now (almost) but my aunt got me Draculus for Christmas and I fucking love him. The bat transformation is kinda janky, but by God he's cute with his little Dracula tux robot form.

It's making me itch. Maybe if at some point I'm better financially I'll finally go for it and try to collect every Thundercracker. He's my favourite of all time.
Whoa, I did not know they revamped the seeker Masterpiece to actually look good. I do not have 255 USD though for a toy, ha ha ha.

Fuck, it even has a faceplate with his little smile.
Look what got today.

I can't believe I found one at normal retail price (or what's normal retail price now) and no shipping cost.


He is a Walmart exclusive like all Speedia 500 figures and shortpacked. We don't have Walmart here in Germany.
Smyth Toys is selling some toys of the line right now. I saw Cosmos last week on their website to my surprise and ordered one.
My Christmas stuff this year.

"Laser" Optimus Prime is a bit of catharsis for me. Back in the 90s I saw the original toy in a store in Germany but wasn't allowed to get him for Christmas or birthday because it is a "war toy".





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Are the elbows loose on your Laser Prime? I got him and Scourge and the right elbow is very loose on both.


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Fair warning on those - they used Thrilling 30 and Titans Return molds as bases. Some of them aren’t that great.
Okay, the Frankenstein's Monster bot might just be my favourite Transformers X-Over figure. I'd say he wears the mold better than the original Impactor toy did.


Even his effect part is pretty nifty!