The Generations Thread


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There was a TON of new figures announced today.

A bunch are Walmart exclusives - Elita-1, Bumblebee, Earthmode Soundwave, and the Netflix Siege repaint figures. It looks like the spoiler box will be a Nemesis Prime.

Amazon has two two-packs: Earthmode Ironhide and Prowl, and a Ramjet/Dirge pack.

There were also three new Generations Selects: Greasepit, Hubcap, and Exhuast. (Yes, that’s how they’re spelling it.) The Rotorstorm repaint of Spinister is also confirmed to be getting a new head sculpt, too, which is really nice.
Saw the pictures of the reveal. Bumblebee looks good. It's great they made him look like a VW. But him being a Walmart exclusive is annoying.

The third line of War for Cybertron was also revealed: "Kingdom".

Looks like next will be Beastwars.


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I was lucky and was able to order the seeker 2 pack set.
Fantastic! Every time I’ve checked they’ve been out of stock. I was really trying for you, though.

At least the Coneheads are easier to get...