Straub and Erica's Public Breakup?

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Singularity.EXE said:
I just want it known, by all of your logics, we are all attention whores ourselves, yeah? The people following Straub and and Erica on Twitter are no different then the people on this forum, excepting that fact that there are more of them.

They're not broadcasting to "random strangers" about their break-up, they're informing everyone who opted into following them about it. And of course its gonna sound stupid and immature to outsiders, because this is not how *they* think.

Let's look at Mr. Chaz here. Would anyone outside our little corner of the internet generally care that he decided to taste some E.Coli? No? Then damn, label him an attention whore. JCM's sex-capades (yes, I did use that word, so there) in Brazil? Attention whore! Me whining in IRC about my own relationship status? Attention Whore!

The whole goddamn point of communication, be it face to face, over the phone, on the internet, is to get someone's attention. Anyone outside of that person's audience will obviously view it differently then someone inside it, you all might not give two shits about Straub and Erica, but there are people in their Twitter audience that do.

Worst part of the information age; what, the chance to communicate with people that you've not actually met face to face? Heresy! Each generation has its mode of communication that is alien to the one prior to it. So can we please forgo the knee-jerk reaction to trample out any change from one generation to the next?
Aah the first time the name's got confused. Dangit.

Well, I think I'd have had the same reaction. I don't think we're 4chan, but his only dealings with us have been the Great Migration and now this. So I can see how some of the (shall I say it) less than tactful posts have colored his views.

Kris, I know breakups are a bitch, but you did have to kind of expect wild speculation when you posted this to a bunch of people. I dig your reasons, but there was very little information given and then Starslip apparently went on a bit of a hiatus. It's only natural for people to ask questions. Sorry for those who felt the need to cackle with glee over the pain of others. It happens. Some of them *cough**cough* are known for their disdain of others and lack in that tact thing I spoke of earlier.

Be strong with those who support and were truly concerned (Calleja, for example) and ignore the haters.


Iaculus said:
In before Chaz or someone escalates this further. Ed, I hope you're keeping an eye on this.

Go have an Eskimo pie or something, Sparky.
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