New Picture Thread

Haha, I’d probably get shot by someone. If I could find an empty hilltop though, I’d happily spin around Julie Andrews style. :)
You’re probably not wrong, though it does give an idea for mashup cosplay, i.e., “What if instead of Maria, Georg von Trapp hires Pennywise to deal with his mischievous kids?”
The songs would probably be different, I tell you what. But those kids? They became the best-behaved kids ever. Always a little jumpy afterwards, though.

(I have yet to see any of the movies, btw)
I’m a person that still exists!!

I’ve been out hiking a lot lately and I’ve really been liking taking pictures of the outdoors. And actually being outside more.

Also, I was Pennywise! It was a good time. I hope to do a real shoot of it soooooon. ;)
as usual drop dead gorgeous!
Did you move to Europe? Looking at the license plate behind it.

Haha, nope. My parents live in Europe. My dad hooked me up with a Deutsche plate. Funny thing is he bought a rando Munich (M) plate. Totally by chance that the letters say Mat. Funny thing is the numbers. 319 and my car is a 320i.