New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)



that dog looks comfy, can i borrow him for a few hours to snuggle.
We are absolutely open to snuggle rentals. It's $75/hr for Yoshi, $10/hr for me :unibrow:

Incidentally, the rates are reversed for computer repair.
I want a puppy. My house is such a disaster that a puppy would probably eat something it shouldn't.

Can someone come clean my house for me? :(
I want a kitty :(

(note: this is NOT a suggestion for the Secret Santa. Please don't air mail a kitten.)
I have a cute little kitty to give away. We were at my grandpa's funeral this weekend and he showed up in his barn. No other kitties or mama. We think someone dropped him off.

There's no way we could leave him, so we have him and will probably be bringing him to the shelter soon. It is a no-kill shelter. He's a tiny little ball of fur, cute as hell, so I have no doubt he'll find a home very quickly.
I forgot to wear my coat waterfall chasing. I'm still freezing.

Cupcake is cute and warm!

This one was taken right after. I have poor selfie skills.