New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

@ZenMonkey the frogs seem perplexed
Yes, the male looks after the eggs and takes them to the water source when they've hatched. As far as being parental the females just lay the eggs. Dart frogs are smarter than you'd think but still not exceptionally, so I doubt the females connect "little spheres that came out of me" and "tiny fishy thing." Now the females hunker down and watch them like television or fishbowls though.
And now I've got the image of a laughing, happy rat in my head. :3
Well, I have no idea about happy. A lot of people don't like being tickled, so I have no idea if that's the case for rats too.

... I still do it, because it's a good way to get them to attack my hand for playing.
Two of our three cats; the one on the right is Kronos (nicknamed Big McLargeHuge) and the little girl on the left is Theia (Tiny McLittleSmall). It's made all the more amusing by the fact she beats up on him on a regular basis, despite there being an 11.5 lb difference between them (7 lbs versus 18.5).

This is Striker B. Underfoot, aka Stinky Mink, aka The Wifferous Weasel. He's a 3-year old champagne male who sleeps in a fur-lined hat (no, not doomweasel fur) and lords it over all the upstairs doomweasels. Because he's such a dominant male, he produces a lot of musk, which he spreads all over him like a mustelidae Hai Karate. It's not an offensive odour but you certainly know when he's close by.

He is also my main sock-stealer, so if your socks go missing, it's because of him. Be afraid.

Shortly after we moved here (beginning of June), we adopted a cat from the closest SPCA.

I present: Alia.

Then, a few months later (late September), Eriol decided that Alia was lonely and needed a friend. So we adopted another kitty from the local rescue.

I present: Pandora.

They are both technically 'long-haired', and my clothing is never the right colour any more, no matter what I wear and how many lint roller sheets I go through.

And no, Alia is not deaf, despite the blue eye and white fur.


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Snapped this one of the lil asshead last night.. camera turned his fur red for some reason. I wasn't even using a flash.



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Cat, that is a ridiculous place for you to try to rest. You are digging in your claws just to stay up on that headrest. It is narrower than you. What are you even trying to do?