New PETure Thread (aka: Pet Pic Thead)

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I lost my ferret, Gizmo, about two hours ago. He's had heart problems for about a year and it just gave out on him tonight. I'm just thankful that I was with him, so he didn't die cold and alone.

Dook in peace, Gizzie. I love you so much.
I lost Popcorn tonight. That's 3 ferrets in 4 months. I know that's part of rescuing but daaaamn, it sucks.


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Last night's sleeping arrangements. That's my leg, up off on the right there under the blanket.


How he can be so snuggly one moment and such an asshole the next...
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Not mine, but my sister-in-law's: yay new kids for the goats:)
Two baby girls, here less than a minute after birth (so yes mom's still a bit bloody and dirty)

IMG-20190403-WA0007.jpg IMG-20190403-WA0008.jpg IMG-20190403-WA0010.jpg IMG-20190403-WA0011.jpg


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My single solitary twitch viewer got to meet my cat tonight, while we waited for Snuffleupagus to get back from AFK and start the next mission in Vermintide.

Garath Wins.png

Garath's winning personality finally overcomes Max's standoffishness and he gets a snuggle in. That, or she didn't notice he was there.

Belly Speckles.png

Belly Speckles!

Bird Cage.png

Pablo's five foot tall flight cage, complete with jaunty hat.

Hippy Kitten.png

Hippies and kittens, name a more iconic duo. She loves to snuggle her little head under my beard.

lap kitten.png

Literally the instant I put the blanket over my lap on the couch, I had a lap kitten. This now happens any time someone sits on the couch, or looks like they might sit on the couch, or looks at the couch.
I always took the :3 thread to be either found picks or emergency attempts to cheer people up, whereas this one was more for pictures of our own pets, but I posted in the wrong one the other day.