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I'm looking for a new mouse. I have been using the corded version of this Logitech for the past few years...

Logitech mouse on amazon

Logitech M705, in case the link doesn't work.

The one I'm using now is starting to double click at random, and needs to be replaced. I'm just a casual gamer on the computer (yes, I'm a console person) but do a fair amount of photo editing and just goofing around the internet. I like the thumb buttons for forward and back, and love the scroll wheel. I would prefer to remain corded, as I hate forgetting to charge wireless and get sick of buying batteries.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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m500 looks like a passable mouse.

I need to sell the one I have, a new in package mx510 goes for $300.[DOUBLEPOST=1495767159,1495767127][/DOUBLEPOST]I can never get Amazon to link correctly.
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I'm using a budget gaming mouse, Azio EX01. Works fine, feels comfortable. Size is about average. Supposed to have a pretty good sensor, which should serve in good stead for photo editing.


Apparently the Logitech G502 Proteus is pretty dang good for photo editing.
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I'm liking what I'm reading about that G502.

I can get that same Newegg price and no shipping on my Prime account too.
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I had the Logitech MX510, used it for years until it fell apart, then moved on to the Logitech G400 (still going), I'll probably stick with a Logitech mouse in the $40-70 range when I need another one.


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I use the logitech g700s, and I'm fairly happy with it. You don't have to stop using it to recharge it (and when plugged in, it uses the cable for data as well as power, instead of the wireless). My only gripe with the series is that the USB cable is kinda stiff for mousing, but it's not the end of the world.

Just be advised, if you tend to get... ragey... while you game, the thumb buttons won't last much longer than a year or so. Be gentle.
Hello, I used Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum mouse for playing games. It is very good mouse for this. It is the wireless mouse and one of the best gaming mouse. It is with ultra-fast lag-free wired or wireless connection trusted by professional eSports gamers. I'm really happy with my mouse. you may try this.
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G502 should be here today. Was able to see how it felt to my hand over the weekend and it's what I liked.

Also, as a complete aside, my Darth Vader tie for my daughter's wedding should be in soon too. 9 days.
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G400 and G400s are good mouses all-around. You can get them new for $70, or get a bunch of them used for $15-25 (what I did).
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Sweet. Might replace my personal computer's G400 (basically the same mouse in my opinion) if I can't fix its double-clicking issue when I open it this weekend. Had been thinking of ordering a G400s but for the same price, I'd rather get something newer.


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I'm still using my Logitech G5. I'm surprised it's held up this long. I've had it... Huh, not sure, but at least 10 years.
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That is SO damn stupidly bougie, addressing the most first-world of FWPs.
I want one.
It looks like someone designed a 3D-print-your-own-mouse kit.
And you just KNOW the electronics are going to get covered in freshly-grated gamer callus.
But yeah, I also know people who will salivate at its edgy edges.

I had some old lady come into the Best Buy that I worked for saying that her mouse was too heavy... I have a hard time controlling my face when someone says something that dumb. Of course we took the mouse back and tried to find her a rechargeable mouse that was not to heavy for her withered arms.