G-T's Pics.


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I don't understand. I've been led to believe that it is always overcast in the British Isles.
Neat pictures. Is the bird in the first set a rook?
No mike, it's a Jackdaw. We have them every year nesting in the village church tower. I have had rooks in the garden but very rarely.[DOUBLEPOST=1454966883,1454966646][/DOUBLEPOST]
This post belongs in the NSFW forum. Seriously, you have to get to be that old to not realize we're not all OK with suddenly getting "the birds and the bees" shoved in our faces?
It's OK. I posted that after the children had gone to bed.
This is a rook Mike. I managed to get a couple of grab shots through a double glazed window before he flew off.
rook (1a).jpg

rook (2a).jpg


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Man I hate seagulls. Little assholes with wings.