Funny (political, religious) pictures

To quote the philosopher El-P from Run the Jewels,

"Can't contain the disdain for y'all demons
You talk clean and bomb hospitals
So I speak with the foulest mouth possible
And I drink like a Vulcan losing all faith in the logical
I will not be confused for docile
I'm free, motherfuckers, I'm hostile"


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If the cab is longer than the bed, it's a minivan.
I think I like this better than the traditional "if your bed is shorter than 6 feet, it's not a truck" because my 1982 Mazda B2000's bed was shorter than 6 feet but it was definitely more of a truck than most F150 coal rollers I see today.


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To quote MLK in his letters from Birmingham jail: "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."
I see a quote going around a lot lately that says something to the effect of "No oppression has ever been resolved by appealing to the oppressor's better nature."