Funny (political, religious) pictures

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Quote attributed to Ivanka about Hunter Biden benefiting from nepotism while being wholly unqualified.
Seriously though, fuck Ellen. She's treated everyone who's ever worked for her like shit her entire career. Her "nice" persona is entirely bullshit. She's another rich fucking asshole who only treats other rich fucking assholes with any kind of respect.
I really want to put this on my work pc wallpaper, after an equivalent of the flag sitter, if not quite the bottom two, came in to work today with, what I guess is a new MAGAt red shirt.
I really didn't know if I wanted to go with "RED SHIRT? BROWN SHIRT? What's the difference?" in my best Catskills Jewish Comedian or more modern *Zoidberg*
Or go , "Generic Red Shirts were the punk ass bitches of Star Trek"


Also there's this: White House kicks infosec team to curb in IT office shakeup
"It is my express opinion that the remaining incumbent OCISO* staff is being systematically targeted for removal from the Office of Administration,"[...]"In addition, habitually being hostile to incumbent OCISO staff has become a staple tactic for the new leadership... it has forced the majority of [senior civil servant] OCISO staff to resign."
*White House Office of the Chief Information Security Officer


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Belgium was not included. You have to pay extra to get that DLC.