Funny (political, religious) pictures

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Adjacent to this, this past weekend me and a couple of girlfriends went to see Network on Broadway with Brian Cranston (and Tony Goldwyn & Tatiana Maslany!). It's a fantastic production and Cranston's Howard Beale is phenomenal. So if you haven't seen this, or more importantly, the original movie, it's straight-up eerie 1) how precognicienst the original screen play was, particularly of Fox Network, which didn't exist yet, and 2) how relevant it still is. And I know the stage producers are very well aware of that, because after the cast takes its bows, they air snippets of every President's swearing into office from Ford to the present day. The audience was silent as this happened, although when Obama was shown, there was loud cheering. And then Trump was shown, and the handful of cheers was drowned out by deafening boo's.