Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

There was an askreddit just a few days ago that probably inspired this:

Aliens come to earth, one of them asks you "hey you, do the thing. Ya know the thing you humans do" what is the thing?

Some of the top responses:
-"Take" your nose
-Argue about what "The Thing" is
-Walk long distances with little to no fatigue (<-- quality response right there)
-"Pull my finger..."
-Put on my robe and wizard hat

And this one, which got reposted over in r/suspiciouslyspecific:
-Start rapping about selling bootleg Dora the Explorer DVDs and lying to kids about how math works

I wanted to post that in the "build a PC thread," but couldn't find it again.
It is SO true, because one wrong pick can legitimately doom your build.