Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

Dorothy puts up with no one's shit. NO ONE'S.

Also, she has a date with a Dr. Banner tomorrow night. Gotta be ready for anything.
Ok, ALMOST pumpkin everything.

Sadly, my favorite coffee place closed last December, and they made all their flavors on-site, including their PSL. Their's was so good I can't buy a PSL anywhere else because now everyone else's tastes too fake or perfumy.

However, Wawa's Pumpkin coffee is delish and now I have to hunt some down.


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Handsome Jack would remind you that to properly CHOKE someone, you need to put something INSIDE their throat. What these people are talking about is STRANGLING.


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Well, shit, that one got taken down. It was really funny, too, and I can't seem to find another copy.

Rough summation
Young woman talking to camera about it's wrong to criticize women for calling their partner "daddy" during sex. She says she doesn't have a choice because her partner is named "Earl" and how awful it would be to moan "EARL" during sex. Video ends with the stinger, "And he's 50, so..."