Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again

My daughter is so desperate for something to do that she is super prompt with her schoolwork and I never have to do anything. It's great. (My son really has nothing to do until next week, so that will be lol I'm sure)
So, I was on the "EducationalGIFs" subreddit, and they had an underwater rover shining a bright light on a new species of purple fish (you can see it here… if you wanna)
Anyway, I said: Someone needs to make a comic where these scientists turn on the bright lights, letting a fish like this really *see* its environment for the first time (since it's dark down there, yo) and the fish looks around and goes " sucks down here"
Reddit delivers

This is normal. There have been lots of odd trends lately on twitter due to quarantine "what are your 5 favorite ___" questions tending. Nothing that wei-wait what?