Funny Pictures Thread. It begins again


Always shooting Terrik
Given the price difference, I'd guess the developers were going for a marketing joke.

Something like the expensive bottled waters
Eh, no it's a game mechanic that has been in Monster Hunter forever, because you cook your own food.

Unless you knew that and are just making a joke, but I pretty much assume you don't know things at this point. :p


This reminds me of how someone noticed that Iron Man's left arm keeps getting injured in MCU films.

Not just iron man. A lot of leading characters that have to receive injuries as part of the plot often injure their non dominant hand/arm/leg so it seems serious but not debilitating. Most people are right handed so it’s the left side that gets injured.
Also, you can’t say the left arm keeps getting injured in MCU films when that collection showed him getting his arm injured in Civil War, and then showing the lasting effects of the injury afterwards. That’s writers being consistent, not repetitive.