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We're you in Quebec? If not, you didn't miss ANYTHING.
Poutine in Ottawa is pretty damned good. They got some squeaky ass cheese curds there.
West of Ottawa, the best you can get is Smoke's Poutinerrie.
Montreal still has the best poutine I've ever had though.
Damn, I knew I should have gone on that Quebec trip with my french class in high school. Now, I'll probably never have good poutine. Maybe I should import a canadian and introduce it to this area. I mean, it's Wisconsin, we have cheese as far as the eye can see.
There's this place in Edmonton that makes pretty spectacular poutine. They have different varieties of extra shit they put in them. I think the only reason I could recommend it as poutine is because they have a-fucking-mazingly delicious gravy, which makes or breaks them thar poutines.
I think the quality of the cheese curds is more important than the gravy, personally.
I mean, cheese curds are important, don't get me wrong but if you have great cheese curds and some watery shitty red wine gravy on poutine it's going to be way worse than shitty cheese curds in delicious gravy.
I can't believe I never went to a Tim Hortons the one time I was in canada. I also didn't get to try putine.
Maybe its just because I've never had non-ontario poutine, but its disgusting and terrible. I don't know how the combination of cheese and french fries could be bad, but dammit Canada found a way.

And don't feel too bad about missing out on Tim Hortons. They're definitely good, cheap doughnuts but I wouldn't consider them a must have. I don't drink coffee so I can't really comment but coffee drinkers I know say its terrible there.
Their doughnuts are like every other doughnut. I don't like doughnuts, personally. With rare exception like the pumpkin spice ones that come out around Thanksgiving and Halloween. Other than that its all about the old fashioned plain, because it is perfect for dunking in delicious coffee.
As for the coffee, I'd chalk that up to a national taste preference.
Most people I know who'd had coffee in the States are pretty staunchly of the "American coffee is horrid" opinion. Makes me think there is just a difference between Canadian and American coffee. I haven't been since I was 16, and didn't drink much coffee then so I was not one to make the call.

But even with that in mind, its not really fantastic or anything. Its the Canadian equivalent of Dunkin' Donuts.
I see some sort of dark furry thing there? What's that meant to be?

It'd be funnier if there was some obvious thing in the picture, instead of a vague blob of hair.
Though to be fair, it took me a few seconds. The ladder eventually drew my eye that direction.
Yeah, I think it has more to do with the composition of the photo, the negative and positive space and the fact that our eyes are always drawn to a recognizable human figure, than just Boobs.

On the other hand, boobs.
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