[Important] Forum Rules! Please read.

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For you new posters (or those old-timers who need some refreshers), this is the link to the rules.


Please read and make sure you follow them. I am leaving this thread open for questions to the mods/admin for clarification, if necessary.

If you are reading this as a Guest or Unregistered User, please note that your viewing permissions will be different than those who have created an account. The differences are:

  • You will see the Notice telling you it's okay to post anonymously and to come here for the rules.
  • You will not be able to Like, Dislike, Love or anything else to posts.
  • You get an additional ad at the bottom of every first post in a thread. I did this because Google Adsense wouldn't shut up about the fact I was wasting space. So I'm taking it out on you instead of my registered users. Sorry, man. Adblock is an option if it really annoys you.
  • You can't see or play in the Arcade. This may not be a big deal yet as it's still in beta, but when it gets completed you will want to create an account. Because it's impossible to play games anywhere else on the internet.
A few things to note about Guest posts. First, if you come in and plug your site or product right away you'll probably be ridiculed or flagged as spam. It's not necessarily against the rules to do so, but it's better received if it comes from a registered user. We've had spammers before who did this sort of thing so I'm sorry in advance if we get the wrong idea.

As a guest it's perfectly fine to have an opinion differing from someone on the board, but if you are coming in to refute I guarantee you better have your ducks in a row. You will get questioned on why you are posting anonymously instead of with an account. You don't have to create one or respond to such criticism, but be aware it will happen.
Not open for further replies.