Formula One

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Williams team - at least things can't get any worse

Baku - hold my beer.

Well-known VR racing YouTuber takes a 1968 Matra around the old Monaco street circuit.
Yeah, I suck at Monaco. Even on a difficulty setting that lets me lap every car within 10 minutes on a track like China or Turkey, I suck at Monaco.
How many IndyCar and NASCAR drivers would have just spun and not missed a beat?
How many IndyCar and NASCAR drivers would have just spun and not missed a beat?
But why would they bother? It's the last lap of a qualifying session, spinning out at all kills any chance of a decent time.
RIP Anthoine Hubert. Killed in a Formula 2 event at Spa Saturday. crashed into the barriers, spun back onto the track, and was broadsided at speed. :(
I posted elsewhere the weekend turned weird when Hamilton went off in FP3. This isn't what I meant. :(
I've seen the crash video, unfortunately, from several angles. What gets me the most, though, is the video of Lewis giving his interview after FP3, seeing Hubert's accident on the big screen, and just cutting it off and looking sick. Luckily, my eyes aren't good enough, even with my glasses, to have seen some of the details of the accident being discussed on reddit.
He wasn't the only one. Other F1 drivers doing interviews at the same time reacted more or less the same way.
I'm sure. My brain really struggles to grasp just how fast these cars are going, but the last time I even heard of someone's car being torn in half and destroyed that badly was Jim Clark's fatal wreck, and Hubert's car was completely torn to shreds.
Every May, I'll check out old Indy 500 videos on YouTube. Inevitably I'll get to 1973 and Swede Savage's horrible crash. The announcers had a hard time to pick out which part of the car he was in when it first happened.
Formula 3 at Monza this morning. It nearly happened again. This time the driver walked away.

Yeesh, I wash going to say something like "eh, people are upside down semi-frequently," but then they got the actual shots from race control, and just damn.
Twitter is full of other drivers this morning going essentially "fuck sausage kerbs".
Was just reading on that they delayed the F1 practice to get rid of that sausage curb at Monza that caused that flip. Hopefully all of them get removed all over because that was a scary flip.

Edit: also, thank goodness they put in the "halo" around the driver's head, otherwise that might have been a different outcome.
I swear to god that F1TV is trolling everyone. No one can possibly be that inept at their jobs naturally. They have to be scamming people.
@LordRendar - After seven months of having nothing to do except upgrade their complete and utter shit-tier service, after holding on to the money of everyone who subscribed to F1TV Pro and Access back in March and April, thinking there was going to be a normal racing season; at yesterday's season opening Grand Prix, F1TV Pro completely and utterly shat the bed. The stream didn't even start until lap 13, and it was their emergency backup 720p 50fps stream instead of the normal 1080p 25fps stream. Half of the onboard cameras didn't work throughout the race (intermittently), what few pre-show events there were went unstreamed, and a LOT of people were reporting really abysmal picture quality during the stream. Then, for the first 12 or so hours that the replay was up, it could be played on a desktop browser, but not the app with any reliability, and even then you couldn't stream that replay to a Chromecast because the audio would cut out immediately.

Add in the fact that F1TV took the money of a whole lot of German fans for service that they're now not legally able to provide due to contractual obligations and the fact that they're now refusing to refund said German fans and you have a LOT of ill-will. People are talking about giving up on the sport after 30 years of watching - not giving up watching the sport on F1 TV, giving up watching the sport.
Well, it is Formula One. I don't think it's really worth watching in the first place...

(runs for cover)
Alonso is apparently back in F1 & driving for Renault next year. Meh, he's not the driver he used to be & Renault aren't a top team anymore so he's not going to get that 3rd F1 championship he wants.

He'll pick up a few points finishes but I'd be surprised if he even makes a podium let alone wins a race.
Does he cover the fuel-sensor wire harness loop controversy from last year? Because that one was awesome.
Oh look, FP3. Good news is I don't have to wake up ass early to watch it. Bad news is, I'm still awake watching cops and feds riot through Portland.
Here's a channel for when you need to decompress from all of that.
Well, that's something I've never seen before. Max Verstappen crashes his car 20 mins before the race starts.