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I notice that gyfcat has been misbehaving the last couple of days, too. And not just here, either. Keep getting “forbidden” errors.

Gyfcat’s servers took a shit. They’ve been down hard for a couple days now.
Ahh yes, I just remembered why I want to reincarnate as a weasel. I mean, that, and being the dominant life form after the Scampering, of course.
There was a Doomie at the Pet Store today. It sniffed us and seemed to like us. Clearly we were being tagged by an advanced scout of the Queen’s.

Also, we are starting to collect the items we will need for when we get to adopt our new bunnies. The male just needs to be neutered and we have a lot going on in January, so it will probably be February before we are able to get them.


They are a bonded pair of Lionhead bunnies. Currently named Bugs (grey) and Blair (black), but those names are not staying. We are trying to think of new names. Current front runners are Flynn and Poe. Suggestions are welcome.
Ok it's been two days and nobody's posted it here, so I'm-a do it myself:


This guy really deserves the nickname "catsnake."