[NCAAF] 2018 College Football Season

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There's a large segment of Bama fans that think they'll get Dabo when Saban retires, but it sure feels like he's a Clemson lifer now.
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Yeah, no. Clemson was going to pay him almost anything after the first win, now he can demand every Clemson fan's first born be sacrificed to him and he'd get it.
Eh he'd get that money from Bama too. The logic was more because thats his alma mater. But now he's unquestionably their best coach ever and will be a legend for as long as he wants to coach.
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Today we learned a valuable lesson:

Keep a child rapist (boys) on staff? Fine.

Let football players rape people and cover it up? Fine.

Literally create fake classes for student's? Fine.

Keep a child rapist (girls) on staff? Fine.

Find out that a tutor was doing work for athletes (2 football players), fire the tutor, and report it to the NCAA? BOWL BAN!
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Link? I don't see anything on ESPN.

On a totally unrelated note (I think?), I didn't realize Mack Brown was the head coach at UNC this last season. I always wear my OU cap around town. I hope I run into him at Trader Joes. :twisted:
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Forgetting the tutor herself since she has a whole mess of stuff that's complicated. This is what happened according to the NCAA.

1) There was a tutor that was doing classwork for 12 athletes across 3 sports, two of which were football players.
2) She was not instructed to do this by anyone in the administration (again, this is what the NCAA has determined). She just did it for the players.
3) Mizzou found out that this was happening and immediately fired the tutor, suspended the players, and reported the incident to the NCAA.
4) Mizzou admitted that the violations happened and fully cooperated with the investigation.
5) The NCAA confirmed that the tutor was not directed to do these assignments by anyone in the administration.

The football players are all no longer at the school, as is the tutor. Now, you might ask, what should the school have done in this situation to avoid the bowl ban plus major recruiting restrictions? Well the NCAA gave a very helpful piece of advice:

Mizzou should've lied to the NCAA and refused to work with them. That is actually the NCAA's recommendation.

Putting this here instead of NFL for rivaly reasons:

Way to hold that clipboard, Sparty!

(I actually thought this was a very good tongue-in-cheek joke, but don’t tell them that.)