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Honestly I don't think he ever had any chance of a future political career. His story was just too sensational and publicized for any body to not have a negative reaction to his run for congressman/senator or wherever else he was going.

He really should step down and hope that he can become a lobbyist or something and that his Lt Governor can do a good enough job to take his career to higher heights. As it is Stanford is just being a dick. He's going down in the vote and be utterly disgraced.
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When the story first broke back in June, the story was the only thing saving Sanford's bacon was that the SC GOP hated the Lt. Governor even more than Sanford. Looks like as more and more sordid details emerge (not so much about the affair itself, but the misuse of public funds and materiel), that support is slipping fast.


Try not to have an affair with the door as it hits you on the ass, Governor.


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Yeah, why isn't he gone already? Gee-Whiz people.
Not much has been done since the legislature is on recess until January. Being a resident my preference is for Sanford to finish his term so that Bauer never gets a chance at the seat. Sanford is lame duck and Bauer is an idiot and would never get elected. Keeping Sanford there means he wouldn't have any power to screw anything up anyway (if he stays he'll probably be censured).

Bauer says he wouldn't run if Sanford steps down. He knows he'd never get elected and this is his only chance at the helm. Annoyed me very much in his latest press conference repeating he's putting his political ambitions behind "the good of the people of South Carolina".
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