I get lots of bonus words because when I get stuck, I start trying random combinations of letters. This means I'll never get the perfect accuracy bonus or the time bonus, but oftentimes I'll accidentally get bonus words. :D
I don't start doing this until I've made an error. Often a third of the board is no longer on my radar at that point. So I will rarely compete on bonus words. I'm usually in the top 15-20% on accuracy, though, when I'm not perfect.
I played https://squaredle.com 05/04:
44/44 words (+3 bonus words)
⏱ In the top 21% by speed
Solve streak: 76

I was away and busy all day yesterday, and I slept till 11:30...and the board resets at noon here. That was a close one!
I played https://squaredle.com 05/07:
*27/27 words (+11 bonus words)
In the top 1% by bonus words
Solve streak: 88

This felt harder than 2.5 stars.

I'm slightly miffed that there were no words that started with multi-. I mean, that letter combo was right there! I wasted so much time looking for multi- words.
Huh, I found this one quite easy.

All the longer words pretty much jumped out at me and half the short ones are parts of them.
I played https://squaredle.com 05/10:
*54/54 words (+28 bonus words)
In the top 3% by bonus words
Solve streak: 91

This one gave me a sense of deja vu, have we seen this puzzle before? I feel like I've seen extraterrestrial before.