[Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2019

Day spent at Texas Ren Fest, lots of comments on my Baby Groot shoulder rider, but no WHAM!
@ThatNickGuy - The picture depicts a character from a game (Fortnite) who is (presumably) about to remove himself from the game by accidentally(?) shooting himself in the face.
...much like someone playing #Whammageddon might do if they were to deliberately watch the music video during the eligibility period.

I will probably survive the whole month since I always have headphones on when I'm out and about.

Were it not for the office christmas parties which will probably have at least one occurrence of this song unless the DJ decides otherwise, so here's hoping.
Ah yes. Start the car, go to the knob to turn off the radio, first 2 seconds I hear...ka-blam.
thought I might be done for at lunch.

Went for sushi, so didn't worry. But the sushi place was playing a loop of "christmas classics", so I got a bit nervous.

But then I realized they were all low-royalty cover versions, so then I was able to relax.
8:39am, music for Last Christmas starts, then a woman starts to sing...

I’m really surprised that I haven’t heard the song yet. I work retail.
My daughter was playing too, and when she got whammed, she posted a video. Fortunately I don't automatically play videos. Also, I'm raising a monster.
My daughter was playing too, and when she got whammed, she posted a video. Fortunately I don't automatically play videos. Also, I'm raising a monster.
“If I’m going down, I’m taking all of you with me!”



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I tempted fate today, went out to lunch with 3 coworkers. The restaurant was playing christmas music. Didn't get whammed, but found out Pentatonix does do xmas music...


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[QUOTE="GasBandit, post: 1456754, member: 167"found out Pentatonix does do xmas music...
Three albums' worth? I think their first Xmas album was their second album overall.

I never bothered looking up any of their albums.
Heard it lots in November. Partner listens to the Christmas station on satellite radio and we are going to the mall later today. Probably my last day in.
I'm still in, but I'm not telling anyone I know IRL lest they immediately play it.


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Attending the office Christmas party... Really tempting fate here!
I've been tempting fate over this past week because of trying to get the kids focused on something other than the long bus ride. I've held my breath each time KEZ puts on the next Christmas song... so far, so good.
I'm scared I'm going to jinx myself, but so far, safe! Came close with a cover at Target, but I just know it's coming.
I've heard "Wizards in Winter" twice, but still no Wham.
Our overhead music hasn't switched to Xmas stuff yet, though. So I'm sure it's coming.



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I heard a cover by Jimmy Eat World, but I've avoided the original, thus far.
It was the first full song at the hair dresser. And she didn’t comprehend what blonde means. Ugh. I hope I can reach my regular person again soon.
7:09p EST Dec 11.
Sister-in-law is busy tonight which means she isn’t taking the F-I-l out for dinner on Wed like usual. Wife throws her hands up and says, “Well there go the dinner plans. Can you just go pick up a pizza?” So off I go to Papa Murphy’s for a take-n-bake and WHAM, the instant I swipe my credit card, their overhead starts playing it.

On the plus side, the pizza I ordered is on sale today for two dollars off. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

Rescued from the latest forum hiccup:
jwhouk said:
2:14 PM MST, 10 December 2019. My bus monitor wanted to hear Christmas Music. #### it, 99 KEZ. #Igotwhammed
blotsfan said:
I went to a restaurant and they were playing the classic Christmas songs and I thought I was done for and then they changed the station. Someone was looking out for me.
The ladies are going out of town this weekend. Wild horses won't be able to drag me out of the house.
I don't think it's to premature too state that for week 2, I'm

Still alive.
Just flew back into the country from Barbados where I was very safe. Today, we went to the mall with the Christmas station playing for a good chunk of the trip to and from the mall. I didn't get Whammed. Whew!
I've starting playing "chicken" with it. It has occurred to me that not only am I missing a song I like, but a genre of music I only get to enjoy 1 month a year. So I've started listening to the stations playing holiday music and I haven't gotten Whammed yet, but I'm willing to embrace at this point.

Mr. Z has been playing along too, and is convinced he can win because he a) never pays attention to the music around him, and b) forgot what the song sounds like. I think this borders on cheating.
I'm starting to feel let down by my usual easy-listening radio station by now.
Admittedly it's only half an hour twice on my commute that I listen to it, but still didn't get caught...
First office christmas party - lots of christmas songs, no wham. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Edit: I heard from a colleague they played it after I left. Bullet dodged!
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Honestly this game has made me realize what an effective job I do of blocking out Christmas music in general. I always change my radio presets for November and December anyways (there's at one station here that brags about being all-Christmas music on November 1st):