[Thread Game] #Whamageddon 2019

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@ThatNickGuy - The picture depicts a character from a game (Fortnite) who is (presumably) about to remove himself from the game by accidentally(?) shooting himself in the face.
...much like someone playing #Whammageddon might do if they were to deliberately watch the music video during the eligibility period.

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I will probably survive the whole month since I always have headphones on when I'm out and about.

Were it not for the office christmas parties which will probably have at least one occurrence of this song unless the DJ decides otherwise, so here's hoping.
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thought I might be done for at lunch.

Went for sushi, so didn't worry. But the sushi place was playing a loop of "christmas classics", so I got a bit nervous.

But then I realized they were all low-royalty cover versions, so then I was able to relax.
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8:39am, music for Last Christmas starts, then a woman starts to sing...

I’m really surprised that I haven’t heard the song yet. I work retail.
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I tempted fate today, went out to lunch with 3 coworkers. The restaurant was playing christmas music. Didn't get whammed, but found out Pentatonix does do xmas music...